Membership & Dues


Why join ACFW National and the South Denver Chapter (Mile High Scribes)?

  • National Support — We are part of a larger national organization called American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).
  • Networking — As part of a national organization, we are able to offer you opportunities to meet fellow writers. Also, our monthly meetings give you the chance to meet fellow writers in the area.
  • Education — ACFW offers a national conference each year, and also offers online writing courses.
  • Mentoring — Through ACFW you can join an online critique group.
  • Personal touch — You can subscribe to a myriad of e-mail loops such as a general discussion forum, prayer group, and mentoring groups through ACFW. Fellowship is a priority where the opportunity to develop friendships abounds.
  • Spiritual — While there is no requirement that every member of ACFW and Mile High Scribes adhere to the same doctrine, we do believe in one supreme God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as a trinity. Spending time with other writers who believe the same way you do can provide immeasurable support for your faith life and your writing life.


ACFW National
National membership is required before local chapter membership can be granted. First year membership dues for ACFW is $65, then $45 per year thereafter.

To join ACFW, go to the ACFW website and click on Membership > Membership Application, or click on the direct link hereThis link is for new members only.

If you need to renew your national membership, click here.

Mile High Scribes
Annual chapter dues for Mile High Scribes are $15 per year. They renew each January.

New members may join Mile High Scribes by attending a chapter meeting or by clicking here to apply online.

Existing members, to renew your chapter dues, click here.

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