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The "loop" (or e-loop) his an efficient, simple way to send one email message to many people at once, and allow them to respond back to you, without anyone having to type in 600-some email addresses into their email program's address book.


When you sign up to join a loop, your email address is added to the mailing list on our ACFW server. This is secure and private, so you don't have to worry about anyone outside of ACFW accessing your address. Once you sign up, then you will start receiving messages sent to the Loop Address. You can also send messages to everyone else in the loop by using that same loop address.


There are several loops you can join, depending on your interests.

The ACFW main loop will allow you to ask writing-related questions, participate in discussions about the writing craft, and get acquainted with other ACFWers.

The ACFW prayer loop is where you can ask for prayer or pray for other members.

There is also a news loop for members who don't want to participate in the ACFW main loop but want to be kept abreast of important ACFW-related news, and critique loops you can join. There are also discussion forums online at the ACFW members-only site that will allow for more chatter and off-topic interaction as well as genre-specific discussion.

These two loops are really the heart of your ACFW membership, so we urge everyone to subscribe and become involved.

ACFW Colorado and Rocky Mountain E-Loops
Done through Yahoo groups, these loops serve Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. They provide valuable information about local and regional ACFW events, as well as author celebration and up-to-the-minute news from the Colorado Area Coordinator and Rocky Mountain Zone Director.

To join the Colorado loop, please send a blank e-mail to: To join the Rocky Mountain loop please send a blank e-mail to:

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